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  • Developer: Simon Tatham
  • Genre: Terminal emulator
  • Version: 0.76
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PyTTY for Windows

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Release Date
Jan 8, 1999
Simon Tatham
Simon Tatham
Terminal emulator
Windows PC, Mac, Linux


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Download PuTTY for Windows

Tori Dunn

A well-known software designed for the purpose of establishing remote connections. It is free software that’s open-source and is available for the users to download. PuTTY download is available for all platforms that include Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. This tool was built to make the users’ life easier.


This is the best way of connecting to a remote computer. This tool acts as a client for the SSH and Rlogin protocols. The tool is used by users to establish remote connections. It’s used for the purpose of remote administration and troubleshooting.

It is a universal tool that has the ability to establish remote connections to the servers. PuTTY install is the best way of accessing remote servers.


This program allows you to connect to the SSH server and to manage computers remotely. This tool will help you do your work in the easiest manner. It helps you with the best way to access the remote servers remotely.

This is a very powerful and easy-to-use SSH client. Free PuTTY application also includes the ability to open a local terminal window, which can be used for SCP and SFTP transfers.


Using PuTTY app, you can copy and paste text, execute remote commands, and transfer files to remote computers. You can also run several sessions simultaneously.

The program allows you to save session configurations so that you can connect to the remote servers using saved configurations.


With a clear and simple interface, PuTTY Windows is a great alternative to the default SSH app on your machine. It has a clean interface that is easy to use and includes all the functionality you need to use SFTP or SSH.

When you install PuTTY, it will create an icon in the system tray, from which you can launch this application.


  • What does PuTTY 64 bit mean?
    It’s the name of a very popular SSH and telnet client for your personal computer. 64 stands for 64 bit Windows version.
  • How to connect using this app?
    Download PuTTY for Windows machine of yours. Open the installed app, and type in your IP address of your server. Click “Open” button. A window will pop up with a prompt. Type your username. Type your password. Tap the Open button. A terminal window will pop up. You have now connected to your server.
  • Is there PuTTY Android version?
    No. PuTTY free download app is an SSH client for Windows platform. However, you can download app alternatives – other SSH software from Google Play.
  • Is it safe to use?
    Yes, this application is safe to use, as it does not download any malicious program. You can download PuTTY for Windows without concerns.
  • I want to install this program on my Windows XP. But the question is that whether it is compatible or not?
    Yes, software is compatible with Windows XP.
  • Does this work with Linux(Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, etc.)?
    Yes, it does.


It is a very powerful software that helps users to access remote machines through your operating system. This software is absolutely free to download and use, and thus it has been downloaded by millions of users all over the world. PuTTY download for Windows is a must for any type of user who requires remote access to their system from anywhere in the world.


  • Supports SSH and Telnet protocols;
  • PuTTY download is free;
  • It is fast and easy;
  • Can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X;
  • You can transfer files between different devices.


  • There is no Android or iOS version;
  • May lag sometimes.

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